The Quilt by T. Davis Bunn

The Quilt coverThe Quilt is the story of Mary, an elderly grandmother whose gnarled, arthritic hands have a beauty all their own.  They represent so many skills, so many memories, so many stories to be told.

* * *

“And yet in the twilight of her days, Mary felt a gentle yearning in her heart, the whisper of a melody she strained to hear . . . There was something left undone.”

And so reads the back cover of this charming story of Mary, a widow, mother, grandmother and friend to many.  Mary could be the mother or grandmother of any of us.  But Mary’s story is special.  The “something left undone” even more so.

T. Davis Bunn writes lyrical prose as he unfolds this story of not only family but community as Mary brings together the women in her life, her community, her church, and even her sons, all of whom must come to accept Mary’s burning desire:  To make one last quilt.

What no one understands is that hidden in Mary’s wish to make one more quilt is what else Mary asks of them.  Mary’s need to make this quilt goes deeper than the quilt frame that her son assembles, the backing and the batting gathered up, the pieces stitched together, and the tiny quilting stitches for the finishing touch.

T. Davis Bunn weaves the threads of the story of this elderly grandmother and her wish to make “one more quilt” in such a way that the reader feels as if he or she is sitting with Mary and these women deep and earnest concentration while assisting in the quilt making that goes on in Mary’s front room.

Bunn is magical in telling this story.  He never once loses the path he has chosen to follow in his theme, and the story is woven with each tiny stitch of the quilt into a masterpiece.  The result of the book, and the quilt, is that it changes the not only everyone in Mary’s world but also the reader.

A short book, only 125 pages, The Quilt spreads a powerful message for all to consider.

RECOMMENDATION:  Men and women, quiltmakers of all ages and stages, those interested in Christian fiction


* * *

ISBN:  1556613458
Minneapolis: Bethany House Publishers, 1993
125 p.


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