Dandelions on the Wind by Mona Hodgson

A fan of Civil War history and books and a quilter, I selected Dandelions on the Wind DandelionsCoverby Mona Hodgson as my next “read and review” book.  Dandelions on the Wind is the first-in-a-series Hodgson is writing, The Quilted Heart Series.

Summary of the Book:  Hodgson weaves a sweet tale about the merging of two hearts hurting from loss.  One heart belongs to Maren, who finds herself alone in post-Civil War Missouri having left family in Denmark to make a new life in America with her soon-to-be husband, Orvie Christensen.  Orvie leaves Maren when they learn that she is losing her eyesight.

Good fortune shines on Maren and she finds shelter with a grandmother and her little granddaughter, whose mother died at birth and her father ran off to war to avoid the broken heart he experienced at losing the love of his life.  They each need the other to lean on.

Soon, Rutherford “Woolly” Wainwright returns home, and the two broken souls begin a path to finding renewal and perhaps love again.

It isn’t an easy pathway as Wainwright’s mother-in-law is resentful of his running away and abandoning his daughter at birth, not to mention leaving her to run a farm in the face of her own personal losses. However, Maren becomes a mediator of sorts between the two as does little Gabi, Wainwright’s daughter.

My review:  I had never read a work by Mona Hodgson until reading Dandelions on the Windbut had heard good things about her writing.  I am sorry to say this book disappointed me.

The depth of character development and story line was lacking in the fine details that thread one character to another and bring the story to fruition.  Perhaps the author was seeking to keep this work at novella length since it is part of a series, but more descriptive language and details about the people, as well as colorful words to bring to life the setting, would have added richness to the story.

I liked this book — it was a quick read, it was easy to follow, the story line had promise.  However, I could not rejoice or weep with the characters over their triumphs or disappointments because I did not develop a connection with them as I have done in other books.

When I began this first-in-a-series book, I looked forward to reading the rest of the series.  At this writing, I am not sure I will read the next two books.

* * *


I received this book for free from WaterBrook Multnomah Publishing Group for this review.



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