Adopted Reality, A Memoir by Laura Dennis

Today a review of Adopted Reality, A Memoir by Laura Dennis is on my writing blog, Healing by Writing.  An excerpt is below.

* * *

Laura Dennis‘s Adopted Reality, A Memoir opens with riveting and tense words:

“I’ve successfully infiltrated the Illuminati’s West Coast cell.  I suspect they’re onto me.”

Although the reader senses in these words a psychological thriller, Adopted Reality is so much more.  Dennis writes with authenticity the raw truth of her many-sided life. Always searching fAdopted Realityor love as affirmation of her worth, she tells a story of personal perfectionism destroying happiness, how our flawed humanness is a natural part of each of us.  Unwittingly, through this drive for perfectionism, Dennis alienates friends and acquaintances leaving her feeling all alone.

The author effectively shares three life episodes in Adopted Reality:  her adoption, meeting her birth mother, and experiencing a bipolar episode after the events of September 11th.  Using flashbacks and smoothly crafted transitions in her writing, she pulls the reader into her story as if reading a novel and not a memoir.  This book is a page-turner not to be missed.

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