Cindy Woodsmall’s New Book, The Winnowing Season, Makes The New York Times Best-Seller List

Cindy Woodsmall is a best-selling author of many works of fiction and non-fiction book Plain Wisdom whose connection with the Amish community has been featured on ABC Nightline, in the Wall Street Journal, and throughout other Christian and general news outlets.

winnowing seasonCurrently, her second book in The Amish Vines and Orchards Series and most recent release, The Winnowing Seasonhit The New York Times Best-Seller List.  Many of her other books have also appeared on the newspaper’s Best-Seller List.

Cindy’s background of friendships with Old Order Amish families, both as a child and teenager and then in her adult life, give the insight into the Amish faith and traditions to write authentic works based in the Amish world.

On the eve of their departure to begin a new Old Order Amish community outside of Unity, Maine, Rhoda Byler and her friend and business partner, Samuel King are leaving their community to begin a new Old Order Amish community outside of Unity, Main.  Rhoda is shocked to learn that  Samuel has made decisions that put her and her unusual gifts in the path of her district’s bishop and preachers. She is angry with Samuel and worries that the Kings will be influenced by the way her leaders see her, and not what they know to be true—that Rhoda’s intuition is a gift from God.

Jacob King will not allow opinions of the community to affect him. He loves Rhoda, believes in her, and wants to build a future with her in Maine. But Jacob has secrets and when they surface, can he take care of them before they destroy what he has with Rhoda? Samuel has a secret too—one he’ll go to great lengths to keep hidden, although it may alienate those close to him. He throws himself into rehabilitating the once-abandoned orchard and turns to a surprising new ally.

Here’s a trailer for The Winnowing Season:

and here you can read the first chapter:

The Winnowing Season by Cindy Woodsmall (Sneak Peek) by WaterBrook Multnomah



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