Free ebook Today and Tomorrow (It’s a good one too)

My friend, Ionia Martin, posted this today and her comments can always be counted on when it comes to a good read. Thanks, Ionia!

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   You can find this book FREE today, May 1st and tomorrow, May 2nd by going here


I can personally attest to what an amazing and emotional book this is. I recently finished reading it, and fell completely in love with it. If you would like to hear my thoughts on it, you can go here:

Here is the Synopsis:

A PUNCTUAL PAYMASTER travels 70 years through the secrets of the white Thanos family and the black Taylor family, twisted like strands of yarn woven together on a loom.

The wealthy, powerful Nikkos Thanos owns a woolen mill and almost everything else on the north side of Delphi, Missouri, and is the overseer of a fractured society. The brave, judicious Thaddeus “Cousin” Taylor owns a grocery store and a tavern on the south side and carries a past hauntingly shrouded in tragedy. Each man tries to shepherd his part…

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