I Am My Father’s Keeper | The 10 Steps to Caring for the Elderly by Dr. Patricia Hernandez Arnazzi

Image from Goodreads

Image from Goodreads


I AM MY FATHER’S KEEPER: The 10 Steps to Caring for the Elderly
Dr. Patricia Hernandez Anrazzi
Publisher: CreateSpace
Published: 2012
Genre: Resource, Handbook, Caregiving
ISBN: 1468119680
Source: Author

Language on its back cover describes this small handbook as “Your Little Pocketbook to Sanity! I Am My Father’s Keeper: The 10 Steps to Caring for the Elderly” offers help, hope, love and understanding as well as knowledge and information in a way that a average person can understand.

Dr. Patricia Hernandez Arnazzi refers to this book as “my labor of love.” Dr. Arnazzi wrote this book with not only the perspective of a member of the medical profession with the unique knowledge gained about illnesses common to our seniors, but also as a daughter committed to caring for her father.

Several months ago my husband and I lost his brother to a rare dementia like Alzheimer’s. How I wish we had the benefit of Dr. Arnazzi’s book and her unique perspective during those months of caregiving.

In this short 86-page book, Dr. Arnazzi shares the lessons she and her family learned from the years spent caring for her father following his diagnosis of dementia. She carefully steps the reader through important layers in the role of caregiver — from learning to be proactive to maintaining a sense of humor when possible to gratitude to preparation for the last days, and much more. Dr. Arnazzi shares not only her personal experiences but also provides resources likely available in the reader’s area.

Written in lay language, this is one medical resource not filled with technical and medical terminology. It is very readable and easily understood.

I cannot recommend this book highly enough. The last few pages are devoted to suggested reading, resources and contacts. Having struggled to find these kinds of aids in another state while assisting with my brother-in-law’s care, I know how invaluable this book would have been to us all.

Dr. Arnazzi has written this book with the hope that it might help someone else walking the same journey she has traveled. If you or someone you know is on that journey, I suggest you get a copy of I Am My Father’s Keeper as soon as you are able.

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Meet the Author:

Image from Amazon

Image from Amazon

Dr. Patricia H. Arnazzi was born in Mexico, the second oldest child and eldest daughter of a middle-class family. After high school, she majored in microbiology, first at Marshall University in Huntington, WV, and then at Ohio State University in Columbus, OH. A graduate of the Universidad Autonoma de Guadalajara School of Medicine, she practiced medicine in Mexico City and Guadalajara, specializing in treating children with special needs. After immigrating to the USA, she completed all four United States Medical Licensing Examinations required to obtain a license to practice medicine but was unsuccessful in securing a residency program for the clinical year. Undeterred, she has channeled her love for medicine and service by working in the fields of obstetrics, gynecology, and infertility as a sonographer, as well as a Solisten consultant for children with autism, Down syndrome, ADD, and other sensory integration disorders. An advocate for alternative methods of medicine, she is a certified practitioner in Biomagnetism while currently pursuing a doctorate in traditional Chinese medicine in Los Angeles, CA.

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2 thoughts on “I Am My Father’s Keeper | The 10 Steps to Caring for the Elderly by Dr. Patricia Hernandez Arnazzi

  1. moonbridgebooks July 17, 2013 at 6:40 pm Reply

    Maintaining a sense of humor is so important to keeping our mental and physical health and to help avoid stressing the person suffering from dementia. There is so much to be sad about with this disease, but there can still be laughter and beautiful moments. It’s important to be armed with knowledge and suggestions when working with someone with dementia, but it’s nice to start with basic, simpler books to avoid being overwhelmed by too much information.


    • Sherrey Meyer July 17, 2013 at 8:38 pm Reply

      Linda, we both have experienced the stresses of a family member with dementia, and therefore can understand the need for lightness and humor. I appreciated the length of this book as well as the author not overwhelming her readers with medical jargon and technical verbiage. Really a well done resource.


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