Twelve Days — The Beginning by Jade Reyner

by Jade Reyner
Publisher: Jade Reyner
Published: April 2013
Source: Author/Publisher
IMPORTANT : Due to the nature of some of its content, Twelve Days – The Beginning is only suitable for readers aged 18 years and over.

Excerpt of Synopsis (via Goodreads):

Elise Grayson lives a life that no one should have to.

To those on the outside she appears to have it all; a lovely home, a successful career, a gorgeous best friend – but all of that is just a facade; a disguise which hides the true ugliness of her life. There is only one person who knows the truth – her best friend Cole Andrews – and, with his support she gets through her day to day existence – just.

Twelve Days before Christmas she meets Vaughn Granger and, almost immediately, she becomes engulfed in a passionate love affair which challenges everything that she has ever known.

By Christmas Day, the events of those preceding twelve days have changed both of their lives irrevocably and whilst Elise begins to find the courage to leave the ugliness behind, there are forces at work outside of her control which are fighting against her future and preventing her from moving forwards.

In that brief twelve day period she finds her world turned upside down and ultimately her life in danger, as friends become enemies and fear, betrayal and addiction form part of everyday life.

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My Thoughts:

Romance novels have never been high on my list of genre to read. But when I read Briana Versted’s review on Amazon, I made a decision to read Twelve Days — The Beginning. I had already connected with Jade Reyner through her blog and knew that I enjoyed reading her posts, and why shouldn’t I enjoy reading her book.

Thanks to Briana’s own admission of not always enjoying romance novels, I accepted a copy of Reyner’s book and proceeded to find a well written, intense and highly readable book of one young woman’s battle against domestic violence.

When the reader first meets Elise, it is as the synopsis describes her — successful young business woman, married, a beautiful home, and a beautiful best friend. What could be wrong with her life?

Reyner develops some likeable, some not so likeable characters, but she does so in a way that you find yourself sometimes battling with the likeable as they make wrong choices, and at other times you’re cheering on the unlikable because they seem to be getting a raw deal.

Coupled with her imaginative and creative character development, Reyner develops her plot using each of her characters to allow you, the reader, to become resident for a short while inside that character’s mind and persona. In this way, she shifts the point of view from time to time but in such a translucent way you don’t realize it.

This is a fast, good read, and if you’re a lover of romance novels with intensity, some intrigue, and a never-ending twist and turn to the plot, then Twelve Days — The Beginning is for you.

IMPORTANT : Due to the nature of some of its content, Twelve Days – The Beginning is only suitable for readers aged 18 years and over.

* * *

Note: I received a copy of Twelve Days — The Beginning from the author and publisher, Jade Reyner, in exchange for a fair and honest review.

* * *

Meet the Author:

Source: Goodreads

Source: Goodreads

I’m Jade Reyner and I have just self-published my first fiction novel which is an erotic romance/thriller and let me tell you, it’s been a huge roller coaster of a journey!

I have always loved reading and can’t remember a time when I’ve not wanted to write a book. I was inspired by the premise that we ‘all have a novel in us’ and after undertaking a Creative Writing course I picked up my novel shaped pen and began writing.

I have loved every minute of writing Twelve Days – The Beginning and what’s more, it has inspired not only a sequel but potentially a series which is more than I ever dreamed possible.

I live in the not so sunny UK, with my husband, two boys and cat, and I write random blogs about technology!

* * *

WHAT’S NEXT? Hoping to have my review of Orphan Train up for you by Thursday, August 8th.


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