Why Kimba Saved the World by Meg Welch Dendler

by Meg Welch Dendler
Published: February 4, 2013
Publisher: Serenity Mountain Publishing
Children’s Books (Ages 9-12 independent reader,
Ages 4-8 read aloud), 
Middle Grade Chapter Book
(suggested interests for all readers include fantasy, animals and especially cats)
Source: Meg Welch Dendler


The first book in the middle grade chapter book series Cats in the Mirror.

How can a young cat pick between everything she has ever wanted and everyone she has ever loved? Kimba lives the care-free life of a much loved house cat, but what she really wants is freedom and the wild life for which she was born. Then she learns a secret that changes everything, including her destiny. Will she join this mysterious cat conspiracy? Kimba must choose between the freedom she craves and the human family she loves.

If you enjoy children’s animal books and children’s fantasy books, “Why Kimba Saved The World” is just for you. This children’s ebook is followed by the sequel, “Vacation Hiro.” A children’s chapter book ages 9-12 is perfect for independent reading and children’s chapter book ages 4-8 is perfect for read aloud.

* * *

My Thoughts:

Captivating, charming, funny, educational, easy to read aloud for younger children and easy for older children to read independently, colorful and attractive cover art, and some of the most fascinating characters I’ve had the pleasure to meet.

The only thing missing as I read Kimba’s story was the joy of having my four-year-old great-granddaughter and two-year old great-grandson to listen to what Kimba was getting in and out of through the pages. Well, Everett might not have stayed with us for long, but Kylie would have loved it! And so did I!

Well thought out plot and characterizations, and the personifications of Kimba, Hilo, Slinky, and the other animals were delightfully creative. And there’s a lesson to be learned in the end. Kimba has a surprise waiting for all of you soon-to-be readers.

What more can you ask for in a good children’s book? Not much!

My Recommendation: Girls reading chapter books, ages 4-9, will love Kimba’s story and escapades. Boys of the same age may like it as well if introduced to the book as fantasy or sci-fi related. Younger children will be able to follow most of the story line as they’re read to aloud. I will be recommending this to my local library and hope they’ll let me do story hour when the book arrives.

* * *

Meet the Author:

Meg Welch Dendler

Meg Welch Dendler is a former pre-k, elementary, and middle school teacher who celebrated publishing her first book, “Why Kimba Saved The World,” on February 23, 2013. This story is based on her true-life crazy cat and the other cats in her home…and the idea that they are all really part of an alien race that wants to rule the earth. The sequel, “Vacation Hiro,” is due out in November.

For over 10 years, Meg worked as a freelance writer, including a year as a columnist for http://www.religionandspirituality.com, where she wrote movie commentaries and interviews. She has had over 100 articles published in newspapers, magazines, and on web sites and has had the chance to interview Sylvester Stallone, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, Kirk Douglas, as well as Anita Roddick and the Archbishop of Cape Town. She is a huge movie fan and prefers watching a new movie over most of what is on television.

Read more about Meg at her website.

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Watch Kimba’s trailer:

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I received a copy of Why Kimba Saved the World by Meg Welch Dendler in exchange for a fair and honest review.

* * *

NEXT TIME AT FBTC: On Tuesday, September 3rd, let’s talk about what to do with books when you’ve finished with them and know you won’t read them again. I have a few ideas and suggestions, and I’m betting you will too. See you then!



4 thoughts on “Why Kimba Saved the World by Meg Welch Dendler

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  2. […] I finished reading and reviewing Why Kimba Saved the World, I couldn’t imagine Meg Dendler surpassing that story or the […]


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    • Sherrey Meyer August 29, 2013 at 12:05 pm Reply

      Thank you, Meg, for sharing on your sight. We are in total agreement about the support needed for our Indie authors. 🙂


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