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Back to Book Reviewing But with New Look and Name


If you are a former follower of Found Between the Covers, I invite you to join me at Puddletown Reviews. It’s just a short trip to Puddletown aka Portland, OR, home of Powell’s Books and me.

I confess–I missed the camaraderie of the book reviewing community. When I decided to make a comeback, I wanted to give my site a trendier look as well as a more unique name tied to home. And that’s where Puddletown Reviews came in.

I do hope you’ll come by to visit, bring along a cuppa coffee or tea, and let’s talk books.

So Long, Farewell!

This is a hard post to write. Saying goodbye is never easy.

Personal circumstances, including finishing my book, have prevented me from keeping my blog in a place to achieve significant readership. Currently, I feel it lacks the readership writers and publishers deserve when entrusting their books to a reviewer.

For those of you who have been faithful followers, I will continue to review books but at my other blogs, Sherrey Meyer, Writer and Sowing Seeds of Grace. Feel free to visit me at either one or both blogs, and see what I’m reading.

All posts will remain active here, and the archive of books reviewed will also be available to anyone landing here.

It’s been a great journey through the pages of many books, and the greater joy has been in meeting the publishers, writers, blog tour hosts, and the many friends I’ve made along the way.

Friday Favorites | Sylvia Beach Hotel and Tables of Content Restaurant

If you are a book lover and want to travel to the Oregon coast to explore the coastline or experience one of our coastal storms, do I have a place for you!

Sylvia Beach Hotel

Sylvia Beach Hotel, Nye Beach, Oregon

Sylvia Beach Hotel and its Tables of Content Restaurant in Nye Beach, Oregon, is the perfect place for book lovers, whether they love to read books or perhaps love to write them. Sylvia Beach provides the perfect place for either. Although some have been heard to say its one of the most romantic of places to celebrate special occasions.

Sylvia Beach is a beachside hotel sitting on a 45 foot bluff overlooking the Pacific Ocean with a total of 20 plus rooms. Rooms are categorized and named with genre and authors in mind. Three genre categorize the rooms: Classics, Best Sellers and Novels. Some authors included are Hemingway, Melville, Woolf, Rowling, Christie, Twain, Tolkien, Stein and more.

Sylvia Beach Hotel overlooking 45-foot high bluff toward Pacific Ocean

Sylvia Beach Hotel overlooking 45-foot high bluff toward Pacific Ocean

Recent additions are rooms named for Jules Verne, Amy Tan, and Ken Kesey’s Cuckoo’s Nest. Herman Melville and the Library Reading Area have also been updated.

You won’t find TV, phones, Wi-Fi or radio in the rooms, but you may hear the howling wind if a glorious storm comes up and entertains you with its ability to crash the waves against the rocks below.

library Sylvia Beach 2

Library Reading Area at Sylvia Beach Hotel, Nye Beach Oregon

Laptops may be used in the Library Reading Area, and books, guest journals and photos are found in every room if you need something more to read than what you brought along. Also, puzzles and board games are available as well as shelves of books in the library loft. Not to mention a loveable cat who strolls through from time to time, or opts to sit in someone’s lap.

Tables of Content Restaurant, Sylvia Beach Hotel in Nye Beach, OR

Tables of Content Restaurant, Sylvia Beach Hotel in Nye Beach, OR

And I should give proper time to the Tables of Content Restaurant. Here you’ll find an exquisite view of the ocean and family style dinners prepared fresh each day. You should plan on eating at least one evening meal here.

After 26 years in the business, Sylvia Beach continues to amaze its guests with updates, new rooms, and fantastic cuisine. If you are in the area, it’s not to be missed!

I encourage you to follow one of the links provided to take advantage of reading the Sylvia Beach Hotel web site for yourself. It is well done, highly informative, and inviting.

I think you can see from this overview why Sylvia Beach Hotel and Tables of Content Restaurant are high on the list of favorite places for Oregonians but also anyone who loves books, reading them, the history behind them, and spending time near the Pacific Ocean.

Looking Back at 2013 and Ahead to 2014

I may be a day or two late but I’ve been held hostage by a bedridden husband suffering severe back pain. Still, I wanted to look at the highs and lows of 2013 and give a peek at what might be happening in 2014.

I began Found Between the Covers in February 2013, having decided I wanted to separate my books reviews out of my writing blog, Sherrey Meyer, Writer (formerly Healing by Writing). The process of writing and publishing a book seemed ill-suited to be combined with reviewing books within the same blog.

And Found Between the Covers was born. During the year, I’ve learned a great deal from many of you about book blogging and book reviewing. Lest I overlook anyone, I would like to say thanks to all who have supported me and encouraged me. Book bloggers are great people.

Top 10 Posts: 

Things I Learned:

  • There’s a lot of record-keeping in reviewing books on a regular basis (enter Excel spreadsheet!).
  • People never read your Review Policy *sighs here*.
  • Attempting to write your own book and reading others’ works can be mind-boggling.
  • Attempting to write your own book and reading others’ works is very educational and filled with the do’s and don’ts of correct grammar and the need to proofread carefully.
  • I’m a good bit older than the rest of you *sighs again*.
  • I love books too much! NEVER!
  • Book bloggers are a great community!


  • Continue to give quality reviews for all books.
  • Closed to accepting more reviews as of December 3, 2013, and uncertain when I’ll reverse this.
  • Several review requests from individual authors and publishers will be completed as promised.
  • After realizing my following is not large enough to support giveaways, I will likely discontinue this practice.
  • Attempt to be a better community member by reading more of your reviews and commenting.
  • Consider closing Found Between the Covers down as soon as above-referenced reviews are completed.

The reasoning behind this last goal is two-fold:

  1. I have set a goal of finishing my manuscript in 2014, including two or more rounds of self-edits, obtaining a professional editor and proofreader, and preparing to shop my book to publishers. This entails focus on platform building, branding and marketing (A. LOT. OF. TIME!).
  2. In the year I’ve blogged here, my following hasn’t grown to a level I feel is fair to the writers, publishers and tour groups for whom I’m reviewing books.

A lot of thought will go into any decision to drop Found Between the Covers as it has fed my love of reading and desire to share the best of the books I read with others. However, there may be other avenues I haven’t yet discovered.

Thank again to those who have supported and encouraged me here.



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