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Friday Favorites | Quote from Peony by Pearl S. Buck

“There is one word that can be the guide for your life — it is the word reciprocity.”
~ Pearl S. Buck in 

Author Pearl S. Buck

Pearl S. Buck, July 10, 1972
Dutch National Archives, The Hague, Fotocollectie Algemeen Nederlands Persbureau (ANEFO), 1945-1989 Bestanddeelnummer 925-7294
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Looking Back at 2013 and Ahead to 2014

I may be a day or two late but I’ve been held hostage by a bedridden husband suffering severe back pain. Still, I wanted to look at the highs and lows of 2013 and give a peek at what might be happening in 2014.

I began Found Between the Covers in February 2013, having decided I wanted to separate my books reviews out of my writing blog, Sherrey Meyer, Writer (formerly Healing by Writing). The process of writing and publishing a book seemed ill-suited to be combined with reviewing books within the same blog.

And Found Between the Covers was born. During the year, I’ve learned a great deal from many of you about book blogging and book reviewing. Lest I overlook anyone, I would like to say thanks to all who have supported me and encouraged me. Book bloggers are great people.

Top 10 Posts: 

Things I Learned:

  • There’s a lot of record-keeping in reviewing books on a regular basis (enter Excel spreadsheet!).
  • People never read your Review Policy *sighs here*.
  • Attempting to write your own book and reading others’ works can be mind-boggling.
  • Attempting to write your own book and reading others’ works is very educational and filled with the do’s and don’ts of correct grammar and the need to proofread carefully.
  • I’m a good bit older than the rest of you *sighs again*.
  • I love books too much! NEVER!
  • Book bloggers are a great community!


  • Continue to give quality reviews for all books.
  • Closed to accepting more reviews as of December 3, 2013, and uncertain when I’ll reverse this.
  • Several review requests from individual authors and publishers will be completed as promised.
  • After realizing my following is not large enough to support giveaways, I will likely discontinue this practice.
  • Attempt to be a better community member by reading more of your reviews and commenting.
  • Consider closing Found Between the Covers down as soon as above-referenced reviews are completed.

The reasoning behind this last goal is two-fold:

  1. I have set a goal of finishing my manuscript in 2014, including two or more rounds of self-edits, obtaining a professional editor and proofreader, and preparing to shop my book to publishers. This entails focus on platform building, branding and marketing (A. LOT. OF. TIME!).
  2. In the year I’ve blogged here, my following hasn’t grown to a level I feel is fair to the writers, publishers and tour groups for whom I’m reviewing books.

A lot of thought will go into any decision to drop Found Between the Covers as it has fed my love of reading and desire to share the best of the books I read with others. However, there may be other avenues I haven’t yet discovered.

Thank again to those who have supported and encouraged me here.



Friday Favorites | Favorite Christmas Reads

Christmas is only another five days away, and I’m ready! I’ve been ready for some time since we’ve committed to what we call the “Meyer Minimalist Christmas” with retirement. “Minimalist” covers the amount of decorating, time spent shopping (not to mention dollars spent), commitments of time made, and lastly how much we bake and eat.

Now that’s out of the way I’ve spent a good deal of time remembering Christmases past and the books I received at Christmas or read before, during, or after the holidays.

First, two literary classics:

Classic Collage

And on to three childhood favorites:

Children's Collage

More recent in the Christmas story genre are the following, a small representation if you do a search for “popular Christmas books” on Goodreads. The books shown here are a few of my personal favorites at Christmastime:

Richard Paul Evans' Christmas Box Trilogy, Books 1 and 2

Richard Paul Evans’ Christmas Box Trilogy, Books 1 and 2
(still need to read Book 3)

Kincaid Baldacci Collage

This Year Different

And last, but not least, favorites from my days as a young reader, loving all things girlish:

Little Women

I’ve always thought Little Women made for a great read at the holidays.

Via Etsy

And there were the Anne of Green Gables books my dad always thought of
at Christmas (and birthdays).

Little House

Christmas break always meant time to read more of the Little House books.

Now you know some of my favorite reads around the Christmas holidays.

What are some of yours? Anything special? Anything here? Leave a comment sharing something about your favorite holiday reading.

* * *

Found Between the Covers is closing down for the holidays.
The next post appears the first week in January with a review of
The Gods of Heavenly Punishment by Jennifer Cody Epstein (including a giveaway).
Until then, happy holidays to all!




Friday Favorites | My Current Library

When we began the search for our current home some 20 years ago, I hoped for one thing — a library nearby. In walking distance if possible. That was not to be.

But I am closer to a library now than I ever have been even though I have about a six-minute drive there.

We live in a lovely community and in the core of our business area are many wonderful, older buildings — the original fire hall now converted to administrative offices and the original elementary school now used by a private school.

And not too far from those buildings stands our library, Ledding Library. Its architecture a far cry from that of my first library, the subject of an earlier post, Ledding has a rich history dating back to the late 1800s. And it’s located in an area reflective of our community’s desire to protect our environment.

Behind the library building sits lovely Scott Park at the center of which lies a pond where in early spring azaleas, rhododendrons and more bloom, and where Canadian geese and mallards nest and raise their young. It’s a lovely place to go and read the first couple of chapters of the book you’ve just checked out.

Scott Park Pond | Visitor Feeding Nutria Image courtesy of Yelp

Scott Park Pond | Visitor Feeding Nutria
Image courtesy of Yelp

Or to visit a resident nutria, seen here making friends with a visitor who must have food in hand.

In the summer this lovely park and wetlands area is host to a variety of musical concerts, clowns, magicians, jugglers and more. I guess you might say in good weather it becomes a hub of activity in our somewhat smallish community.

On the other side of the pond is the Pond House Bookstore, a residence acquired a few years back to house the used books recycles by patrons happy to have their first reads sold at a nominal price and read by someone else.

After 20 years (almost) of holding a card to this lovely library and enjoying its outdoor benefits as well, I can honestly say that six minutes isn’t that far to drive to get to what we lovingly call the “free bookstore.”


What about you? Do you have a favorite library and what makes it a favorite — place, activities, atmosphere, free books for reading? Join the discussion — we’ll have a great time comparing libraries!

* * *

ON TAP NEXT:  My review of an anthology compiled of memories from women who lived in the ’60s and ’70s, Times They Were A-Changing, edited by Kate Farrell, Linda Joy Meyers and Amber Lea Starfire. That’s coming up on Tuesday, December 17th. Hope to see you here.


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